Donald Trump / Beyonce / Master P

Donald Trump

Donald on TV appears arrogant. True or not, inside his mansion I saw a different side of Donald. I asked a few questions to see if I’d get a response, and I did. Have you ever really known an employee who wouldn’t spill at least something about the boss? It’s just the way it is.

His employees really didn’t need to be tattletales or tell me anything. I sat back and watched how they acted, how they treated guests, how fast they operated in situations, and lastly their appearance. Donald had the respect of most of his workers. His servants and waiters were top notch. His place is clean, top shelf, and beautifully decorated.

The fireplace which I sat in front of, however, was not something I’d write home about. Married to a genius with stone and brick, I was disappointed in Donald’s fireplace. It fell way short of what I expected. The gold chairs, white sofas, and crystal chandeliers added a touch of luxury. It was the place where most of the people attending the event gathered with drinks and conversed.

Donald may not always have the audience’s approval, but he is a gracious man on his premises. Three cheers to Donald…


Beyonce is more than a singer. This girl knows how to strut her stuff before buyers at conventions. She is smooth as silk and beautiful. She is a co-writer and co-producer of other artists. Like Pink, Beyonce’s dad is her manager. Both fathers are proud of their daughters.

Most people would think that Jay is lucky to be married to Beyonce. However, I think Beyonce is lucky to have Jay. Jay has accomplished my favorite line, “comin’ from nothin’ doesn’t mean you can’t be something.” The marriage, respect, and love you see between Jay and Beyonce is living proof that the West Coast and the East Coast can come together. Three cheers for bonding…

Master P

P.’s personal side has always touched me. P. hasn’t change one bit in the game since we met. P. is basically stable. How many people can say that?

Back when No-Limit was hot, No-Limit was all you saw on screen in P.’s videos. As much as I liked P., I still found myself gagging on No-Limit. So I offered him my advice. P. has never disrespected me during our many personal conversations.

During the No-Limit days I admired P.’s lawyer, Edwin Hawkins. I enjoyed Edwin’s intellectual side, his actions, style and grace. Together Edwin and P. developed a camp built on unity. P.’s brothers are just as sweet as P. How many of us can say that about a lot of basketball players? P.’s family, along with his staff and reps, were as cordial as P. P.’s bodyguards likewise.

I care less what the world thinks about P. Miller, Master P., how he dances, how he raps, or how he chills. To me P.’s proven to be not only a wealthy man, but also a gentleman. His donation to the needy is in the millions. P. was one of America’s 40 richest under 40, ranked no. 28 of the top 40, earning $361 million. Forbes’ annual list of the richest entertainers in one given year was P. earning $56.5 million. It just goes to show how good the 90’s were for P. Like many in the game P. has had some charges brought against him over the years. I don’t bother speculating about any drama that seems to surround hip-hop, cause I’m well aware how situations get messed up.

Lastly, Master P. is the only rapper who takes me under his coat for private talks, gives me a kiss goodbye, and whom I challenge to rap.